Zoltan Gal as known as ICR is the founder of the hungarian electronic music scene's well respected home, ImpulseCreator - serving the drum and bass and urban music community for more than ten years. Besides his work as an editor and music journalist, dozens of releases proved that his artistic vein is fulled with musical variety and uncpompromising creativity. After releasing on various acclaimed labels (Good Looking, Offshore, Cov Ops, Influence, Counter Intelligence, MJazz), and his tracks were played by DJ Flight, Grooverider, Fabio, Tony Colman or Marcus Intalex, he started running his own imprint. Misspent Music lived two years, recruiting a group of like-minded producers, suppprting up and coming artists as well as giving an opportunity to show ICR's experimental side on full length albums. Meanwhile his interests of music turned from dnb to slower genres. With releases on Glack Audio, Sonorous Music, the ten-year old Chi Recordings and UK label Orson Records, he has already proved that his house, downtempo breaks and techno music is also worth to check.

Such Unimportant Things Like Us
01. Such Unimportant Things Like Us
02. Still Unloved
03. Skin Shades To Red
04. Until It’s Untold
05. Lost Balance
06. Love, Hate and Between
07. Dying Breed (with Salmz)
08. Concept Of Time
09. Surrender To Your Weakness
10. All Unloved
11. My Only Bad Is The Lack Of All Your Good

To Make Right What’s Left
01. Semi-Converse Confession
02. E Voce Se Entrega
03. Je Vous Souhaite Des Silences
04. Yesterday’s Man
05. Sunset Like Supper
06. Continuity-Discontinuity
07. Under Twenty-Six
08. Look So Good
09. I’m In Love With A Sentence But Forgot What It Means
10. The Risk Of Speaking Nonsense
11. Little Panda’s Echo
12. Je Vous Souhaite Des Silences (Headshotboyz remix)
13. Headshotboyz – Meanwhile In My Happy Place (ICR remix)
Lynx (Detail, UK)
"Such unimportant Things Like Us successfully reflects on deep dnb in all it's forms over the last 15 years. ICR shows great diversity, maturity and understanding of the many forms of deep subtle music from dnb, house, glitch mood music and everywhere in between."

Tony Colman (London Elektricity/Hospital, UK)
"Sounds really good! We all checked the album and we all agree it's very strong."

Marcus Intalex (Soul:R, UK)
It's a great listen, on the better side of chilled."

Grooverider/Fabio (BBC Radio1, UK)
"The breakdown is incredible, different!" / "Absolutely beautiful tune!" on Skin Shades To Red

Stunna (Bassdrive, US)
"This double album is truly a listener and dancer's dream. It touches on a myriad of styles while showcasing ICR's versatility of creating memorably engaging moods and atmospheres at a variety of tempos. This is a fine new addition in the ever-growing legacy of one of the best electronic producers out there."

ESB (Detuned Radio, CAN)
"Nice to see ICR's soundscapes finding a home on the consistent Fokuz label. Also very nice to see firm Detuned Radio favourites "All Unloved" and "Surrender To Your Weakness" get subtle tweaks. "Surrender To Your Weakness" always gets an amazing response from the listeners. Respect to ICR for always pushing the deeper strains!"

DJ Trax (Audio Buffet, UK)
"Atmospheric, emotional and thought provoking. Music for the Soul!"

Lightwood (Santorin, GER)
"Great oeuvre. I follow the work of ICR since day one and he ever remained true to his style unimpressed of any of the scenes codes and fads."

DJ Haze (Red Mist, UK)
"Loved the album. Once again ICR delivers a strong, diverse collection of deeply inspired music he's become known for. Great release for Fokuz from one of the most consistent producers in the scene."

Paul Reset (Nerve, UK)
"Two albums of absolute quality from ICR with layers of atmospheric beauty coupled with his fresh take on any genre he lays his hands on."

El Harvo (Futureboogie, UK)
"Yeah 'Yesterday's Man' is fresh. Nice One!"

Ekaros (Creative Space, HU)
"Such Unimportant Things Like Us is a well built album with a plenty of great sounding tracks full of emotions and creativity. Worth listening!"

Implant (Catch 22, HU)
"An album from ICR never disappoints - hopefully this won't be his last d'n'b work. The drum programming is brilliant, far above standards these days. It takes a lot of imagination to create moods and soundscapes like you hear here and ICR has mastered this kind of art. The song building ups are going to give you goosebumps. 'Skin Shades to Red' is just a masterpiece. You have to check out his non d'n'b tunes as well, some great surprises are on their way."

LAS (Microforms, HU)
"Drum & bass DJ létemre a kettes cédétől fordultam ki a nadrágomból. ICR sosem volt csapongó, de ez egy különösen összeszedett, érett album. Lehetne járni fellépni!"

Suzuki Samurai (Rádió Mi, HU)
"Annak ellenére, hogy 2 és fél órányi zene lett a dupla albumra válogatva, egyáltalán nem unalmas, végig fenntartja az érdeklődést. A zenékben megfogtak az érdekes hangok, tetszik az albumra jellemző változatosság és főleg az érzelmek amiket közvetítenek a számok. Szép munka!"

Ozon (Tilos/Kriminal Music, HU)
"A 'The Risk Of Speaking Nonsense" nagyon tetszik. Jó kis minamalizmus."

Zsola (Faktorlabor/Kriminal Music, HU)
"Azt hiszem uram, csak emeli az amúgy is magasan fekvő mércét! Nagyon komoly kis cuccok ígérkeznek."

Polyklinik (Svetlana Industries, HU)
"Nagyon megtetszett a 'The Risk Of Speaking Nonsense'. Imádom a világát, a háttérben megbújó apró hangokat. Egy véget nem érő vadvízi evezés."

Mr.Hi (Bounce, HU)
"Jelen pillanatban a legsokoldalúbb magyar elektronikus zenei producer."

Modul aka Mango (Chi, HU)
"Elég fincsi a cucc, így tovább!"

artwork by Aliz Buzas
Such Unimportant Things Like Us is ICR's most mature (and probably his final) drum and bass work to date, incorporating the very essence of his love of precisious drumworks and sensual musicality. The album is built around one topic that can be easily read out from the titles: it's about love and struggle for acceptance. As with this final chapter he closes his dnb roots, a new stage is already set: To Make Right What's Left is a necessary step forward, focused on 4/4 territory and other mid-tempo genres. The trademark deep and cinematic ICR sound remains the same, but in new forms. The double album is the best way to gain insight ICR's mind and soul thru his forward-thinking music in full spectre.
Such Unimportant Things Like Us album preview by ICR ALBUM PROMO To Make Right What's Left album preview by ICR ALBUM PROMO